Sunday, July 24, 2011

World of Warcraft: Bloodsworn Update

So Sorry Guys!!!

I received notice that the pages can not be released. =/

Sorry, but I had to withdraw the Devianart here and also of my blog.

I'll put soon as you receive authorization.

Well, you can check this link here and what's to come.


Image A

Image B

Thanks and sorry ,

Jheremy Raapack


Cheatchat said...

Hey there folks, I just made my new Forum Site! Going to be posting some humorous PvP matches and other assorted World of Warcraft content! Come on over, check me out, and subscribe if you'd like! It's free... it's easy... and it makes me feel better about myself! :) so here's the link World of Warcraft Cheat and Chat Forum.

wowgame said...

It's like going into a raid with the wrong item wow gold level and expecting to do well. It just doesn't happen. Also now that pve players can come along and own ppl in bgs when are the pvp geared wow po players going to be able to do raids. What your doing or should i say about to do is a double standard and is unfair in every way. So the question still remains blizzard why are you doing this. Whats the real reason. Because so far this has been proved to be unfair to pvp acheter des po wow players who have worked hard for there gear and doesn't benifit anyone but pve players who havent done any pvp to earn there gear.

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